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To be an innovator takes passion. Suk Ram makes becoming great look easy. Through dedication; his skills have taken him to places that most would deem unreachable. Maybe he’s a phenom with a natural spark in the industry, or just an artisan with an ability to transform ones ideal of hair care. Based on his vast background, and amazing work; it’s safe to assume he’s both.

Who is he?

Suk Ram is the internationally known hair artist. His name is synonymous with creativity and flare. He knew, at a very young age; that he wanted to be a hairstylist. Unlike most  children his age; he loved to do hair. His passion motivated him to follow his heart. Taking risks made him the hair specialist he is today. Suk’s first step was a choice he made years ago, as a young man. To him; hair is not just a job, it’s a means of expressing his talents. A person’s hair is considered their ‘crowning glory’. Suk is a master of creating most glorious hair looks to date.  

Life and it’s natural elements have served as an inspiration for most of Suk’s work. Creating hairstyles for clients is more than just skill. It takes a unique mind to stand out. Throughout his childhood, he visited Art Gallery’s, and Historic venues. From these visits, he was able to push pass boundaries, and improve his skills day by day. Suk is a constant learner, who also draws influence from designers like Karl Lagerfeld, and Dame Vivienne Isabel Westwood.  

What inspires Suk?

What inspires him the most is love. There is beauty everywhere, and he is able to tell a story with his gift. Suk uses hair to paint a figurative picture. He not only finds inspiration in other styles and fashion related focuses; but also details in life people take for granted. He is known for admiring a building silhouette, or cascading waterfall, flowing beautifully down the mountain side. He then emulates what he sees into a hairstyle that enhances one’s image.
Suk can take reflections from a window, or water puddle, and incorporate the beautiful radiant elements into hairstyles. He interprets the world around him, into manifestations, which appear throughout his body of work. Suk can perceive a specific hair texture, then work tirelessly to bring it to life. He will spend weeks in his workshop, testing shades and experimenting with new concepts. Suk’s mind is a powerful source of ideas just waiting to be exhibited. He is not stirred by what has already been; but what could be next. Suk Ram can challenge the norm of hairdressing and create a look that defies gravity.

His career...

Suk’s highly regarded work has translated Globally; he has contributed to projects in virtually every range of the Entertainment industry. His experience of over 20 years includes events for Fashion Week, and collaborations with other reputable industry alum. He has shortlisted numerous awards for remarkable and captivating hairstyles. Suk even ventured into entrepreneurship, which made his name a popular brand. He continues to pull opportunities locally and abroad; wherever he goes.

The list of campaigns and features Suk has participated in, continues to grow as the years pass. He understands how to meet the needs of marketing through hair. Suk oversaw hairstyles for Shawish Geneva Diamonds, and crafted a unique look for Super model and public figure, Xenia Tchuomi.
For the Royal Opera House’s La Donna Del Lago broadcast premiere; he created artistic hairstyles. Continuing on with his journey to greatness, he worked occasionally on a personal level for a select few. Suk has created hair looks for Sophie Dhal (English author and former Fashion model), Bay Garnett (British Fashion Editor), and Stella Tennant (Model and Fashion Designer).  

Editorially, He continues to build strong relationships in the fashion industry worldwide. Suk Ram’s creations have been seen in many other publications and exhibitions; including Grosvenor House Jumeirah living. His past assisting work in British ID magazine is also timeless. He worked along side Luigi Merenu; creating looks in their Best of British campaign, which included stars like Kate Moss, Twiggy, Yasmin Le Bon,  and Naomi Campbell; just to name a few.  

It is a difficult task keeping up with Suk Ram’s career. It would be even more arduous, to name simply half the designers and fellow artists he’s worked with. He creates on his own, and in teams; for projects with lasting impressions in fashion and music videos.  When it comes to television; Suk has done hair occasionally for series, and media broadcasting representatives.  It’s evident how expansive his work is. Suk lead hair projects for companies like the Missbella brand. He created the hairstyles for their campaign launched in Rio De Jeniro. Suk also directed shows with Olympus Style Studio and Cosmopolitan in partnership with Hilary Alexandra OBE , Once again, his international reputation proceeds him. 

Pushing boundaries...

Suk Ram is constantly evolving, and so is the beauty industry. Due to his vast industry knowledge, he is in tune with the needs of his clients, and the industry as a whole. After trying and testing a variety of hair products throughout his career; at times he found difficulty achieving the look and feel of certain hairstyles he envisioned. Having a mind like his lends the ability to think out of the box, and conceptualize ideas that make great change. Suk understood that in order for him to move forward in his career, he had to find products capable of meeting his needs. There was definitely a gap in the market, that he aimed to fill. His hair care line would do just that.

Suk Ram Haircare is a brand that enables the user to manipulate hair as a canvas. There is certainly a need for more earth friendly and vegan products in the world. He noticed there was not much to choose from in the hair sector, and decided to adapt naturalistic ideals to his line.

Finding a product line that he could trust, was his motive for starting Suk Ram Haircare. He is passionate about the world around him, and how his industry affects it. He started his company years ago; researching organic ingredients that he found worthy of being associated with his name. His brand stands out in the market and is considered a luxury line. It contains a quality assortment of hair care products with a multitude of usages. The products are animal friendly and cruelty free.

Being 100% vegan friendly means each part of production aims to preserve nature, and is free of chemicals; such as sulfates and parabens. The packaging is made of 100% recyclable and highly sustainable material. This encourages much support in the industry for a more sustainable approach to beauty.  

People who can bring life and beauty into this world, are ones who spread joy with their talents. Suk Ram does this, in ways that are extraordinary. For him; the skills he obtained by staying true to his vision, only serve as a way to help others actualize beauty. The things that most consider to be mundane or irrelevant; invokes creative ideas for Suk Ram. He believes they are beautiful, and should be taken into higher consideration. Everything in life has it’s purpose, and in reference to art; Suk’s well of ideas will never run dry.

A normal approach to hairdressing is to take a particular style and replicate it to fit the individual who wears it. Suk looks past that, and seeks to enhance even more. He is aware of how beneficial his talents are to clientele in general. It changes their perception of themselves and gives them confidence. He empowers people when he gives them a look all their own.

Everyone can appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes into his work. Suk’s methods are like a journey in beauty; for himself and others. There is no cap to his abilities, and he is limited only by his dreams.. Being authentic, and doing work that is soul satisfying is how he has managed to build a career that continues to evolve into a legacy.

2022 has seen Suk Featured in the International Business Times India and based on his vast history there’s certainly a lot more to come.

Suk Ram looks forward to welcoming you to WOWOW! Hair International based in Warwick.

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